Taffitalk – We ALL Can Use Some Sweetness In Our Day

Words of Love and Affirmation of God’s Presence Simply Sweeten Our Soul & Ask Yourself…

Life is a “WE” program!

  • This journey is meant to be shared.
  • It’s how we grow as well as how we challenge and inspire others to grow too!

Life is Nothing But Practice

  • “Failure is not fatal but failure to change might be!” – John Wooden

 Better Than My Head Says 

  • Practice doing the opposite of what my head says.
  • Do the work to CHANGE that negative dialogue inside.
    • It works in the positive the same way it does in the negative. Just WORK IT!

High School My First Resume To The World –

  • Would of… could of… Should of…crap
  • What we do/or do not do in any moment affects our future/eternity.

The Gift of the Present:

  • All is as it should be or it would be different
  • Self Discipline
  • Shut up and Listen!

Health – A Priority to Be Here

  • The Highest Calling is to Serve Others!
  • The Solution to All Is Surrender
  • Make a plan and stick to it

 Being Real – even when reality hurts

  •   Awareness—Acceptance—Action
  • This is where our walls exist… knock them down!

Every Pebble Can Make A Splash

  • What’s your gift to share with the world?
  • Don’t squander it!
  • Believe It, Be It!, Live It, Share It!

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