Be REAL, Even When It Really Hurts!

20180621_085858I have come to realize that this negative self-talk has paralyzed me for far too long. This is how most of us settle into a mediocre life. Our environment, the people and situations that shape our perception and our life choices make up the voice in our heads. We all present this “stage character”, this version of ourselves that we’re comfortable with the rest of the world seeing. You know; that phony smile, that less than honest reply we give everyone…. “I am fine or I’m OK.” , then stuffing our authentic selves away somewhere, never letting our true voice be expressed. The end result could be loosing yourself to the status quo. No one likes an imitation- Be REAL, even when it really hurts! Being genuine allows our beauty to spill over and touch everyone and everything we encounter. It affirms that who we are, in any given moment… truly is enough!


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