My Thoughts on The Invitation by Taffi

I am here to spread love to this world with each person I encounter, my dreams of meeting my hearts longing;  take shape in those who love open-handedly; rather than holding others hostage with a clinched fist!

I am learning to sing in delight at the things that bring me bliss & accept joy into my spirit for, my human form still tells me, I’m not worthy.

Taking risks, looking foolish for love can by-no-means quantify the depth and vulnerability that I’ve found necessary to be authentically real & love out-loud, to chase my dreams unapologetically; and to knock down walls, even my own… to create heaven-on-earth for those I love!

I have dwelled for far too long in my own regret, been split wide open from life’s duplicity and I sometimes still shrink at the thought of, “More Pain?”.

But I have had to practice giving myself to that pain in-order to master it, so no real need to dress it up pretty, keep it a dirty little secret, or pass it off as something else entirely.

I Simply Own It – To Grow from It!


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