9.10.15 Keep Your Eyes ON Me

I don’t recall the day or the actual time but somewhere on this journey I became aware that I still dress up the outside to defer attention to this huge gaping HOLE I have on the inside! I’ve spent my lifetime comparing my insides to everyone’s outsides; just to be left feeling less than… in doing this so regularly self-pity and victim-stance have become my commonplace. One day I sensed an almost paralyzing yet deafening whisper shouting deep inside of me, saying: “Keep Your Eyes on ME! You have a heart to serve but you must Work To Get Your Own House In Order First!

It dawned on me that apart from God I’m incomplete! That’s why it feels so good when I’m helping others, because that act of giving… puts me closer to HIM! But, I run around busy giving to others with no question, then I become resentful behind this act of love! It’s because I neglect and avoid doing the things I need to do for myself and my family, first… Charity starts at HOME!


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