8.28.15 Constantly Changing

I am always changing, Body , Mind and Spirit – All things are always changing!

With CHANGE being life’s only constant, you’d think the common thing is to accept it. But I still struggle with it… being a creature of habit the problem is not the change itself, it’s more how I resist and refuse to accept the change(s) taken place in my life; as if it’s some threat to me or my happiness.  The real funny thing is that in hindsight all that I perceived as “BAD CHANGES” in my life were actually blessings! The fact that I bulk at change is what presents unnecessary stress and struggle.  Since I cannot control or avoid change I must work on my perception of  it.

The “familiar” is comfortable and has a way of presenting a false sense of security. But that doesn’t mean it is good or healthy for me.  It’s not realistic to take any experience that is good and try to stretch it out for all of eternity….and avoid the bad and indifferent change all together. I don’t get to pick and choose what happens but I can choose how I am going to react to it!!!!

I simply start by embracing change and accepting that “Everything, Is Exactly As It Should Be, In This and ANY Given Moment, Otherwise It’d Be Different!”


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